Client Reviews

Sam was fantastic and helped me work through so much, giving me the tools to help myself move forward. I could not recommend her enough. Thank you so so much for everything ❤️
(Melbourne, Australia)
I was lucky enough to have a wonderful Family Freedom Protocol session with this gorgeous woman who put me instantly at ease and created a very safe space for our interactions. She anchored in two beautiful positive emotions for me moving forward and shared so much of her lovely self with grace and compassion
(Perth, Australia)
I had an amazing womb magic session with Samantha, I found the name of the session very relevant because it was pure magic, thank you so much for holding that space for me, I would highly recommend it.
(Sydney, Australia)
I have participated in the Ancestral, DNA and Womb healing with Samantha. Each are unique experiences. Sam is supportive, real and fun! If you ever wonder if you need this or are not progressing on your path allow yourself to immerse in the intensity of the process. Heal you for you. Much love and light
(Sydney, Australia)