Let’s find your Infinite Love Connection

  • Inclusive Womens Circles
  • Whole Hearted Counselling
  • Transformational Healing Sessions
  • Traditional Sacred Tantra

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What an honour it will be to work with you

I have spent a lifetime learning to connect with myself and now I am so honoured to be able to share what I have learnt with you. I have learnt that in this fast-paced world that we live in the simple things in life can have the greatest impact on our family, work and play. My life experience, intuition, training and research has empowered me to offer wholistic therapies based on esoteric and scientific knowledge.

Simply remembering how to breathe deeply into our souls can help us to connect with a deeper part of yourself bringing with it more love to fill up your own cup, to then be able to share with others. To not think of getting a work/life balance but enjoying every moment of everyday, wherever we are. Following your passion, what drives you and making everyday moment about “Pleasure”.

Relationship counselling

Everyone at some stage of their life has difficulty with relationships. Our holistic approach to health and well being draws from a wide range of therapies and programs that cater to each unique individual.

We can help you Reconnect, Enhance Communication and Reduce Stress. Individual and Couples Sessions Available in our Melbourne Clinic by Phone or Online.